Safe Transportation to England, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Experienced drivers with many years of experience guarantee its passengers safety and comfort during the trip. returns to Poland in promotional prices.


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Tel.  +48 883 086 384,  +48 508 926 150 / +44 75 988 752 50


Professiona BUSES from Poland TO ENGLAND

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The supply of Polish shops in England


  •  Among our services there is also transport supplies to the Polish shops in England, including London. We have extensive experience and a modern fleet of vehicles, which allows us to fast and reliable delivery of goods. Thanks to cooperation with us, you will receive regular supplies of selected products directly from Poland, which will enhance and diversify the range. Surely this will translate into customer satisfaction, and thus also increase the turnover of the shop.
    Take advantage of our supply sourcing. We ensure that cooperation in this area will be beneficial for your company and contribute to its development. We offer favorable conditions and preferred embodiments. Carriage wheelers - bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles

    They entrust us with well-wheelers, which will transport safely to England and Poland. Independent transport of such loads is cumbersome and associated with the risk of damage to other vehicles. Our company has extensive experience in implementing this type of service, so we will enable fast, efficient and safe transport, and cargo reaches straight to the place intact.

Zaopatrzenie sklepów Anglia

Thanks to long-term cooperation with many customers, we realize how important can have safe transportation of vehicles that have sentimental value or are particularly valuable. Therefore, every order is treated with the utmost care and diligence. Many years of work with similar orders allowed us to develop an individual attitude to each customer, so carefully listen to your needs and embodied them in life.

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