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  • Train. Hmmm ... Four years ago it launched the first direct rail connection from Poland to England. Unfortunately, only freight. You would have to be in a box to pack. Passenger journeys direct to this day does not exist, you have to change trains. Unfortunately, my research shows that more than once, which I think is the meaning of perishable plan passing train.
    Plane. Fast, expensive but recently stressful form of transport. Ever more frequently, loss of the luggage. It happens that your luggage will be in another country away many thousands of kilometers. And before it reaches your hands may take several days or even several weeks.
  • And that can hamper or even paralyze the trip or holiday. Dependence on weather, problems with the outlet when it is ugly. There may be delayed or even canceled flights. Nobody likes it, there is no help from the airport and waiting for hours on the decisions that at the end to find out that the flight was canceled. And then no longer be able to reach on time. It is rare that the airport will help in this case. However, if you can already fly to the target may be that our journey is not over yet. And we still have a long way to the goal. Airports are away from the city center several kilometers. To get to the center sometimes you have to change to the train or bus. I stand in traffic jams. So the next interchange, that spoil and are stressed.

    I guess the best way to reach the British Isles will be busy. Busy to England is a comfortable, fast and safe way to transport. Travel in air-conditioned and heated the bus having all the necessary amenities and facilities as compared to other modes of transport will be the same pleasure. Departures are tailored to the needs of passengers, convenient hours departures and arrivals. No need to worry whether you will reach, if he had time. Everything is fixed. Just relax and enjoy the journey. Transportation held in the two sides so there will be no problem back to the country. Busy from England to Polish run as often as on the island. They are popular and can attest to their reliability. Here, your luggage is not lost, traveled is not conditioned by the weather conditions. Seats are comfortable, suitable for long journeys. Travelers have plenty of space and do not interfere with each other. Busy commute to the city center so you do not have to change trains to reach the best places in town. In a word, pleasure.

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