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Permanent or temporary emigration of Poles to Britain is now a common phenomenon and no longer, it is not surprising. However, there is the problem of the transport of personal belongings or parcel delivery from / to the family remaining in the country. The use of postal services is often too big expense, besides there are many items that can not be simply put into an envelope and send. Therefore, finding a reliable, safe and affordable transport is the key to the proper functioning of many people residing abroad. Styl Bus Company buses is an experienced carrier providing transport services at the highest level and adjusts its offer to individual customers. We cater to the transport of parcels and goods between Poland-England-Poland.


 We have a qualified team of experienced drivers, who efficiently and safely deliver the shipment to the address indicated. They work in the profession for many years, knowing perfectly traffic regulations, both those in Poland and in England. They are able to respond appropriately to the situation on the road, avoiding risky events. They have a current medical examination and relevant documents, allowing for the transport of passengers and goods. They comply with the legally regulated working hours, which significantly affects the safety of the order.

WHAT We carry on? 

 We transport a variety of goods. These are shipments from England to Polish and shipment from England to Poland. We carry out orders of individual clients who wish through us to send correspondence or single, larger parcels. We also provide delivery of goods to the Polish shops in England, including - to London, where there are many. We have conditions suitable for the transport of food and other demanding goods. We always care about the products entrusted to us, we provide them with maximum safety, protecting them from damage or loss. Our customers always take seriously, regardless of whether they outsource to us conveying a letter, or an entire stocking store.

Transport vehicles

There are items, which is extremely difficult to carry alone, even when we have our own means of transport. Big trouble makes people transporting motorcycles, bicycles and other two-wheelers - in cars often do not have enough space to carry them in a safe manner, otherwise the transport, without proper handles, racks or trailers, is illegal and can have unpleasant consequences. Our spacious, properly adapted cars allow you to transport vehicles of this type, making sure that no part is damaged. From many years successfully we carry bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds.


 We also offer comprehensive services in the field of moving between Poland and England. With our help quickly and efficiently you will carry furniture and belongings. Transported objects are properly secured so that they reach the place intact. We assist in the loading and unloading of goods in transit and always arrive on time. With our help you quickly move your private life in a new place, regardless of whether you just set off for exile or return to the country. By using our removal services, no longer have to worry on how to carry large and heavy furniture and what to do, so as not to lose valuable items. The problem is no longer the question of the organization of the respective vehicles. By outsourcing company STYL BUS moving between Poland and England or England-Poland, you can be sure that the number of courses will be limited to a minimum (long experience has resulted in the ability of such a loading of the goods, to maximize the surface area of ​​the vehicle), and all entrusted items reach destination in its original state (attach great importance to properly secure the goods against damage). With us moving out of the country ceases to be a chore, it becomes a simple task to perform.

HOW we carry ON PARCEL? 

 The services we provide transport allows for convenient on items without leaving home. We transport packages door to door. We come upon shipment to the address indicated by you, and then deliver it directly to the recipient. As a result, they do not have to worry about is how to provide us with a larger and heavier the load, or look for our office in a foreign place. This solution is not only convenient, but also very safe - independent delivery of the consignment to the recipient in person guarantees us that the package will not be lost and will not reach the delay. We remain in contact by telephone with the sender and recipient of the shipment, thus avoiding a situation in which the addressee is absent and can not pick up the package.


 For your convenience, we have two telephone exchanges, one in Poland and one in England. Depending on where you call us, you can select one of the indicated numbers. If so, you know which country you want to give the package, and provide dial-national avoids generating the additional cost of the service.

WHY styl bus?


  • First - we have the experience and skills.
    We are a company operating in the Polish and English for more than 20 years. All our employees have extensive experience in international shipments. Our driver for many years, pursuing carriage of goods and passengers on the route Poland-England-Poland, perfectly knowing the conditions on the roads and in force in both countries traffic regulations. We make sure the validity of medical examinations and the necessary powers to carry passengers and goods in international transport. We make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with the quality of our services. Our experienced staff allows us to implement transport at the highest level. Specialists in the field of freight forwarding and logistics continually analyze the market, looking for solutions that will suit you best time and financially. We work quickly, efficiently and reliably.
    Second - we take care of our fleet.
    We know how important aspect in the transport industry is to have a proper fleet. We care about the technical efficiency of our vehicles and the comfort of our carriers - which results in maximum efficiency of their work. We have new vehicles and regularly monitor their condition. Reliability of our vehicles ensures that the consignments did not surprise us with unexpected glitches that could contribute to a delay in delivery of the consignment.
    Thirdly - we provide services throughout the country.
    Regardless of what region you are in, we are able to arrive at the indicated address to receive either delivery. To England, leaving up to 12 of the 16 provinces.
    Fourth - we meet the needs of our customers.
    Each order is treated individually, trying to match solutions to the needs of the customer. We understand that people who want to carry packages from Poland to English or from English to Poland, have different needs and that our offer must be flexible, so that we can meet the expectations of each of our Service Recipients. Otherwise, you need to approach the issue of supply store, and otherwise to a person who wants to send through us one small package. Each time we discuss with the customer service price, the term of its embodiment, the method of delivery. For regular customers, realizing through us a large number of shipments to and from England, we prepare attractive discounts and promotions.
    Fifth - we act professionally.
    Delays, lost shipments, deliver a package to the wrong address, telephone contact difficult, damaged parcels, changing fixed prices - to the things that surely with us, you will not meet. We operate entirely legally and professionally. We make every effort to customer was fully satisfied with the result of our work. Agreed with the Client the conditions of the service are binding for us at the moment to work together and not try to change them in the later stages.

We are happy to answer your questions. If you still have any doubt, or our proposed conditions parcel from PolAND into EngLAND and vice versa, are not clear, please contact us. Employees STYL BUS remain at your disposal at the phone number: +48 503 742 928 (Poland) and +44 787 143 42 41 (England). 


It is not worth to risk the loss of valuables and goods, arranging transport of goods to England suspect carriers. Using the services of individuals who "accidentally" trip, offering the forwarding of this solution very risky and not giving a guarantee that the service will be carried out properly. STYL BUS is a legally operating company, confessing clear rules and giving assurance that every item reaches a specified address in a specified time. We encourage you to cooperate with us!