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SAFETY IN BUS TRAVEL TO ANGLII- on which it depends?

Safe travel means of transport to distant route not only depends largely on ourselves. We must not believe that, regardless of our personal behavior, travel organizer is responsible for all that will happen to us something unpleasant. Of course, we can expect that a good company which organizes bus trip to England will take care of it, we were not exposed to certain risks, but it is worth knowing what else to remember to yourself such a threat does not pose. Thanks to traveling, even the long and tiring, it will be pleasant, comfortable and will be associated only with nice memories.


Safe travel to England or another country is primarily a fully functional vehicle and rested, skillful driver in a good state of mental and physical. Of course, some technical issues with regard to the same bus, we are not able to judge. We do not know how to work the engine and other parts, but we can look, for example, tires and assess their design and quality. Furthermore, we have the right to request a review of a recent study of the technical condition of the vehicle. This should reduce our concerns about traveling.

It should also make sure that the driver complies with the working time and whether a substitute. This is important for long distances. Many times we hear reports of cases when the bus driver was tired or did not follow the necessary breaks. Do not ignore such matters. Good carrier is, however, generally in control and sensible drivers are well aware of the dangers and try to avoid them.

Many of us accept permanently any medications or must adopt the measures before traveling. We all know how cumbersome and problematic for all travelers may be sickness of one of the passengers. If possible, it is good to avoid such complications on the trip. We must therefore make sure that these medicines have with you, for example, in hand luggage. As a result, the entire trip will be protected in this regard.


Good transport company cares about is that working in the drivers obey the traffic rules, for example concerning the speed down. In the end, those drivers are responsible for our safety on the road. However, if you notice that the driver, perhaps even unconsciously violates these rules, do not hesitate to contact him discreetly attention. Our attitude can protect the vehicle before the accident, so do not be in such a situation to keep quiet. Of course, we try to talk to the driver tactfully and without unnecessary nerves, remembering that during a conversation with us still performs his job and can not interfere too much.

Your hand luggage must be constantly on the eye, eventually traveling with strangers. For this reason, sleeping during the trip is not recommended, especially before taking the night part of the trip sleeping pills. Well, if we through the entire route demonstrate soundness of mind adapted to the situation. Many passengers before going to sleep in the bus uses the stoppers in the ears or hardware with headphones with music. In this way runs the risk of losing valuable things. No one can guarantee complete absence of threat from other fellow. Here we often are shapers of their own destiny.

For the same reason, you should consider entering into closer acquaintance of fellow passengers, especially if traveling alone. Especially women may be exposed to various risks, although it is not an absolute rule. It is true that you can bestow upon our companions some degree of confidence, but must be combined with common sense and caution. In any case, in the bus during the journey we do not drink alcohol. This can create a lot of dangerous situations, lead to distortions of travel or simply to lull our vigilance.

If the coach something is disturbing, for example, someone is unwell, complaining of severe pain or they feel sick, I immediately reported to the driver. Also, if another reason we feel in danger, for example, the behavior of other passengers, please contact the person representing the shipping company. Likewise, you should immediately react when we realize that we have been robbed. In this case, notify the police unit. When traveling is best not to carry excessive amounts of money, just enough to be able to stop when you drink coffee or take advantage of the pay toilets. Under no circumstances should we carry with them more cash or valuable items that could become thieves.

I guess no one needs to be reminded of the cultural, tactful, polite and calm behavior while traveling. However, it happens that some of our współpasażerom may lack some refinement. Let us try to endure this without causing unnecessary friction. If the situation and the safety of this absolutely does not need, it is best to respond.

pitstopS and safety

During the long bus trip, for example to England, you are short stops. It is a time when we can straighten the body, walk, breathe fresh air and use the bathroom or get something to eat. Stops are also needed for the driver and he can use them for a short regeneration and relax, because at the time the whole trip must demonstrate a strong focus. Passengers must never, however, to move away from the bus and allow the to the whole group waiting for us or worse, have to look for us. The driver does not cause problems, working with him also at a standstill. The purpose of the carrier is not guarding passengers at a standstill. It depends on the discipline of our entire safe trip. Strictly observed residence time outside the bus. Best show up at his place a few minutes before re departure, to avoid the nerves and stress.

In some places, especially where the ranks there is a large crowd, we can become a victim of theft or simply get lost. Therefore, when at a standstill must demonstrate a high degree of caution. For safety, it is worth remembering that the portfolio does not carry in our back pocket or poorly secured bag draped back. Best to keep the money in their hands.


In spite of maximum precautions, it is possible that during the trip happens something unpleasant, e.g. breakage occurs. Keep in mind that selecting bus trip also pay for insurance against damage that can bear being in the vehicle. Of course, does not absolve us from responsibility for their own fate. That is why so much we need to take care of myself during the whole expedition.


People who are very infirm, elderly or pregnant women have yet another respect take care of your safety while traveling by bus on the international route. Please note that long duration in the sitting position, when they hinder blood flow, can promote blood clots. That is why it is so important to use stops, even if more convenient and nicer it would not get out of the bus, for example due to inclement weather. Every few hours to stretch your legs is even necessary and must not give this up. Blood clots are life-threatening. Among the stops should drink plenty of water, if possible try to stretch his legs on the seat without crossing them and perform gentle massage or move the lower limbs.

Best dress for travel for people with venous problems not only light and niekrępujący movement and blood flow. There may be, for example, tight jeans, but rather tracksuits. Similarly, the shoes must have broad noses. It is worth remembering that during long journeys feet swell.

If possible, good to the sick or elderly traveling in the company of a guardian who will be able to take care of their personal safety and comfort needs. In the event of a clear and significant deterioration of well-being it is necessary to inform the driver.

Mr. heavily pregnant are encouraged to ensure that no strolled along the bus, because at the time the turn or sudden braking, it can be dangerous. With space in the future we should get up only after stopping the bus. Best not to travel a few weeks before birth, because it can be not only inconvenient but dangerous.


There is a group of people who have motion sickness is very strong and difficult to master even drugs. However, such passengers are also from time to time have to travel. How to help yourself? If possible, take advantage of air flow to the face. Before the trip is recommended intake of a mild sedative, eg. Because sometimes herbal stress increases the symptoms of motion sickness. natural means to alleviate the nausea is ginger. The route is not set off on an empty stomach, but avoid eating in the middle of it, occasionally sipping water. A person prone to such ailments should carry a supply of strong bags and wetted wipes and possibly a change of clothes in case you feel unwell. During the standstill is necessary to get some fresh air. During the ride it is good to avoid reading. Best to close your eyes, because it will reduce the incentive for inflow to the brain and the eye of the labyrinth. The ideal would sleep through the whole trip, but sometimes this is not possible. In the case of large severity of symptoms, there is the option of asking the driver an additional, emergency stop.

As you can see in the safety of bus travel has many aspects. Let's think in advance all of them and get ready for what could take place. If we, if possible, follow the above rules, guided by common sense and trying to work with the driver, the trip will pass us certainly without any major problems and will be remembered with nostalgia.