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Comprehensive OPERATION moving  ENGLAND - POLAND

Our company is proud to offer you transport services and transport of the highest quality. Our business is based on the transport of persons and their property, between England and Poland. One of the services we offer is a full service moving. If you are interested in our offer, here are the detailed discussion.

  •  As we know, change of residence is very time-consuming process. Preparation of all necessary documents and the appropriate organization of transport is often a big problem. Therefore, our company meets your expectations. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive service removals, between England and the cities in Poland. Our experience and proper preparation is your guarantee that all your possessions will be transported to the country, without the slightest damage. We will make sure all runs smoothly moving, from the start of preparation, until the whole load will be safely delivered to the new place of residence. Now, let specify a selected fragments of our offer, so they can get you better acquainted with the services offered by the company Style Bus.

Moving from England to Poland 

As already mentioned, a simple move can cause many problems. Unfortunately, the matter is further complicated if our new place of residence is in another country. Through the famous emigration, many Poles decided to go to England to find work on better terms. Today, some of these people choose to return to the country. Admittedly, the presence of both countries in the European Union, significantly facilitates the procedure associated with the change of residence. Nevertheless, if you decide to move internationally, we need to remember a few necessary formalities. To help move all of our customers, we have prepared some tips regarding proper preparation for departure:

  • 1. Activities such as termination of services with existing media providers, need take a few days, so we need to start arranging such formalities early. If necessary, it is worth to take leave from work. Otherwise, all activities related to the departure we will carry out the so-called. run. Such haste only gain us the nerves that are definitely not advisable when moving. Therefore, we are carrying out all the advise to all documents and contracts to prepare well in advance.
  • 2. When we organize all the so-called. securities, should retain all documentation collected during their stay abroad (contracts, medical records etc.). Perhaps some of the documents we will need in the country, so you may want to remember their luggage.
  • 3. When we organize all the so-called. securities, should retain all documentation collected during their stay abroad (contracts, medical records etc.). Perhaps some of the documents we will need in the country, so you may want to remember their luggage.
  • 4. Referring to the previous point, let us also remember the exact search of storage premises (basement, attic). In such places often we keep a few useful items that can be useful to us in the new place of residence.
  • 5. If to leave much time left, you should notify the move all the necessary institutions. Particularly important here is change the address of correspondence, we do not lose liquidity for the preparation thereof.
  • 6. It is extremely important in the process of change of residence is to provide adequate care for the animals. In the case of dogs, we must ensure that our pet has all the required vaccinations. If it is not, maybe we can make an appointment to the vet and make overdue vaccinations. Once we vet, do not forget to ask him for a copy of the history of care for the animal. That way, if it becomes necessary to treat the animal in another country, the vet will know what remedies were used before. In addition, all pet owners are reminded of the quarantine period. However, if our pet has a special EU pet passport, quarantine period it will not be affected. 
  • 7. Taking for packing all the equipment, remember the separation of extremely valuable items. All jewelery, precious stones and other valuables, consider packing individually and then placed in a secure compartment.
  • 8. Should you have any problem with the organization of the move, our team supervisor will help prepare all the necessary packages. This way, you will gain confidence that the entire property was properly packed and protected from damage.
  • 9. On special request of our customers, we can make a general inventory of the objects being transported. This list will be for you a great convenience, and will also make sure that all the necessary items have been taken from the previous place of residence. 
  • 10. Another important advice is to prepare for packing luggage. Carry-on baggage will be with us for the entire trip, so you should take care to place it with all the necessary items, we will need during the trip.
  • 11. Before leaving, we must make sure that we arranged all matters relating to the old place of residence. Remember to ask all borrowed items, as well as the settlement of any debts. 

Following these tips will considerably facilitate your preparation, so that the whole move goes much more smoothly. 

BY BUS tO POLoland

Let's get to the transport. The key issue for the transportation of persons and their property is the security of the entire transport. Security of transported people and property is our priority, which is why we make every effort to provide you with the most comfortable transport. Our company outside service comprehensive service removals, is also a professional passenger transport. We possess the most modern buses, equipped with amenities such as TVs and free internet. All this should have a positive impact on comfort during the journey, so that the time spent on the road will certainly be less noticeable. The convenience of our passengers is our obvious standard.

Our staff will be at your disposal throughout the duration of the move. If you need any assistance in the preparation of furniture and other items for transport, our staff will help you with the entire process. Dismantling of furniture, protection of consumer electronics and household appliances, and secure placement of the whole cargo in transport; All these activities are carried out by our skilled workers. Their experience and adequate training is for you a guarantee of safe transportation throughout the property.


During the temporary housing outside the borders of our country, many people gathered considerable possessions, who will want to be transported to the Polish. Not surprising, therefore, that there is a high demand for professional transport companies, which are able to supply the entire load intact. Our company offers transportation of property modern cars that will provide safe transportation throughout belongings. All actions carried out under the transportation of property abroad are supervised by our coordinator who will watch over the security of cargo. Our vehicles are designed both for transporting bulky items (furniture, household appliances), as well as small-size objects of decorative and utilitarian. Importantly, our company offers you the so-called ,, delivery from door to door "so you get a whole load directly to the destination. The load is carried by professional drivers who will provide you with peace of mind and sense of security. Our staff has many years of experience in organizing international removals, making transportation to the Poland done smoothly and trouble-free. Taking care of the highest quality of our services, we have equipped all cars shipping in GPS navigation, making the transport more quickly reach its final destination.
To pack all items we use only proven materials that will effectively protect property from damage or destruction during transport. Cartons used by our company are made of several layers of cardboard that provides adequate cushioning and protection from bumps. The use of such packaging is the most effective way to protect cargo, to avoid problems during transport.

Style Bus Company has been present on the market for many years, so the quality of our services is able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. A wide range of our company enables us to carry out a comprehensive service transport and shipping. In addition, the groups have prepared a very favorable promotion, which will surely encourage you to take advantage of our offer. Our company has two contact numbers, separately for customers calling from Poland, separately for customers calling from England. If you have any questions regarding our offer, we encourage you to contact us. We answer all your questions and offer individually will adjust to your needs. If you decide to take advantage of our offer, booking transportation you can also make a phone call. Satisfaction with our services - guaranteed!