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For most of Poles England associate immigration and work. This is obvious because the last few years it was one of the main directions of trips to the work of many thousands of his countrymen. Family visits, an important event or going to your friends will be a good excuse to visit England. But the work if the family does not have to be the only reason for the departure. United Kingdom can be an unforgettable place to spend a holiday or short break, even several days. United kingdom is a great country with a rich flora and fauna. Full of different cultures, colonial influences and cultural heritage. History lovers will be delighted by the diversity of monuments from the ancient Stonehenge dating back to the Neolithic after Buckingham Palace. Small charming towns and villages hidden stories about which you never dreamed of, and should be discovered. Narrow streets and small traditional houses for every taste tourist. However, in the big cities you will not have time to get bored. Monuments, cafes, restaurants, museums and shopping centers will make you want to day grew longer and had much more time to all these places to see and visit.


At London you should spend a few days. London is not only the state capital but also the capital of fashion, culture, art and business. And it is worth to visit areas of fashion, art and business. They are so different and yet coherently combined. Each district of the city offers something different, a different story, a kitchen or ethnic group. You within half an hour to move from exotic India to Australia or the traditional British countryside only due to a shift to another area. We find rówenież climates Norway and Sweden. Small cafes and pubs make the time spent exploring even more pleasant. Beer from small breweries or traditional tea at five can make you feel like a true Briton. Small boutiques might lead to bankruptcy or to the depletion of the portfolio in the best case. A multitude of well-known brands and small shops may cause dizziness. Visiting Parliament or Buckingham Palace is a must each trip. Seeing as one of the oldest living monarch in Europe is an interesting experience. Do not be afraid to try British food. There are glitches on the British, it is a strange kitchen, unpalatable. And it really is a very diverse cuisine. The reason is one story of the state and its colonial possessions. Ethnic groups to mix and begin to interact with each other and so created a kitchen full of flavors. Indian cuisine or Arab is already permanently inscribed in British cuisine. Worth trying even after it to yourself to form an opinion on it. A love of the British to local traditions is reflected on the plate. Traditional dishes such as bread, cheese and meat produced on the British countryside relish almost anyone.